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Perfect Love

Perfect Love

Perfect Love


True Love x Onyx 262-5 x Fatal (Littermate to Practically Perfect)

Semen available through Mike Fischer
Contract Discounts Available

As we begin the fall breeding season we would like to make public a boar that we feel is a very unique creature. His genetic value we feel is unmatched. A boar with a different pedigree yet a very consistent one that has many winners present. His sire True Love has done an outstanding job for us here. He sired the $11,000 gilt at OYE and the Champion Heavy Cross Barrow at OYE this past year along with many other significant winners. True love is a littermate to the mothers of Living Legend, Fare N Square, Love A Fare, and Fare Play. Perfect Love's mother has been a generator, she produced the Reserve Grand Overall at the Central District Show 2013, Champion Hamp at Muskogee District Show, and a Class Winner that would be a full mate to Perfect Love at the 2012 American Royal that we felt was one of the best we had ever drove. She is a littermate to our boar Practically Perfect who sired the Reserve Hamp Barrows at OYE the last two years, the Grand Overall at the Barrow Battle this year and is the grand sire of the Champion Cross Barrow at the expo this year. We have had many visitors this past spring that have been blown away by the set of belted cross boars put together here. Many have stated that they have traveled the country looking at sires and these are as impressive as any. Don't let a dollar amount or hype hinder your decision making on sire selection. Lets try to make more consistent, more functional, better hogs. Look at the consistency this boar has to offer. Look at his organization of skeleton and killer look. He has a huge square back and monster legs with agility and soundness that is appalling. If your serious about making them better breed with confidence and use Perfect Love. He will see heavy use here.